Are you making the most of Digital Manufacturing?

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What is your manufacturing model? Is it mass production or digital manufacturing? Most manufacturers will say they're trying to move to digital manufacturing, but are they prepared to realize the full benefits of their digital strategies?

New items may be costing you a lot of money

Article by The NETSTOCK Mentor

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There is hardly a business that does not find it necessary to launch new products from time to time. The shorter the product life cycle, the more frequently launches are likely to occur. Some businesses are dependent upon new products for their very survival.

Are you a slave to your inventory planning spreadsheet?

Article by the NETSTOCK mentor

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We have identified that there are hidden costs associated with choosing Excel as your inventory planning tool of choice, highlighted that the problems usually start with your data, and suggested that ever-increasing complexity impacts sustainable inventory outcomes.

Is poor management of your Inventory Management System a risk to your business?

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Virtually every company that holds inventory to provide an acceptable level of service to its customers, has experienced the negative effects of both unhappy customers and the loss of a customer as a result of stock-outs. At the same time, there will be items in the warehouse that have become obsolete and have to be written off.

Stockholding models and stock policy

Article by The NETSTOCK Mentor

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These terms are often used in conjunction with one another.  Let’s explore the relationship between them.  In the process, we’ll look at how and why Policy impacts on your inventory and whether or not the model is of any practical value to a business owner.

Preventable causes of Stockouts

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Stockouts almost always make it to the “worst nightmare” lists of businesses, and for good reason. Not only do they lead to lost sales, out-of-stocks also result in poor customer satisfaction and lower loyalty levels. Customers often feel let down when they encounter an out-of-stock message, and we know that as a business, the last thing you want is to disappoint customers.

Inventory Management vs Inventory Control

Article by the Netstock Mentor

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As a business owner, you require an inventory management system that insures the next order you place is the right quantity both for you and your customers and for your business.

Frankly, without an inventory management system you do not know whether or not the next order that your Buyer or even you place, will result in excess stock or a stock out.



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