Why CEOs Should Put CFOs At The Helm Of Digital Transformation

written by Sandy Cockrell III

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Companies are at various stages in applying technologies such as cognitive computing, blockchain, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Some are automating discrete manufacturing, service, and compliance processes; others are digitizing at the core of their business models. The disruptive capability of today’s digital innovations is one reason why spending decisions are moving into the realm of corporate strategy, more so than ever before. There is certainly room for trial and error, but waste can be very costly.

3 Myths About Digital Transformation

written by Bertram Schulte, Chief Digital Officer of SAP

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Many companies hope to achieve the innovation, profits and streamlined processes that digital transformation promises. However, in my experience, I often find there is ambiguity about digital transformation from our customers, partners and business colleagues. To help separate what’s fact and what’s fiction, I’ve condensed my point of view into three myths about digital transformation. If you grasp these common misconceptions, you’ll be on your way to achieving true digital transformation.

Building a Happy Sandpit

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Yesterday I attended a talk at AdvanceNet Group in Johannesburg on the ins and outs of building and nurturing a thriving company culture. The talk titled “How to build a happy sandpit” was presented by Colin Browne, and is the same title as his research-based book, which due to launch in November 2013. For his book, Colin has been jetting around the country and meeting up with successful South African CEOs and company leaders to find out what this organisational culture thing is all about...


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