Why CEOs Should Put CFOs At The Helm Of Digital Transformation

written by Sandy Cockrell III

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Companies are at various stages in applying technologies such as cognitive computing, blockchain, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Some are automating discrete manufacturing, service, and compliance processes; others are digitizing at the core of their business models. The disruptive capability of today’s digital innovations is one reason why spending decisions are moving into the realm of corporate strategy, more so than ever before. There is certainly room for trial and error, but waste can be very costly.

Digital Transformation: A Real Business Problem

Article by ERP News

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As the saying goes, disrupt or be disrupted. We need to look no further than the advent of new, digital native tech startups to see that we are in an era of change. Indeed, digitalisation is essential for businesses -big or small- as they evolve with the changing needs and demands of customers

3 Myths About Digital Transformation

written by Bertram Schulte, Chief Digital Officer of SAP

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Many companies hope to achieve the innovation, profits and streamlined processes that digital transformation promises. However, in my experience, I often find there is ambiguity about digital transformation from our customers, partners and business colleagues. To help separate what’s fact and what’s fiction, I’ve condensed my point of view into three myths about digital transformation. If you grasp these common misconceptions, you’ll be on your way to achieving true digital transformation.

The Rise of Modern Systems of Agreement

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Digital transformation gave rise to modern Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement for key business and communication processes.

We are now seeing the rise of modern Systems of Agreement for automating and connecting the agreement process—allowing companies to accelerate and simplify how they do business.

Compliance Risk & the Fast-Growing Company

Article by Mark Partin

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Many startup businesses and more mature mid-sized companies are growing at a fast clip these days, and rapidly entering new global markets and geographies. While operations personnel inside these businesses are focused on maintaining this pace, the finance organization must ensure compliance with disparate and evolving accounting standards and reporting regulations across these regions.

What Robotic Process Automation really means for Accountants

Article by Mario Spanicciati

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An automated accounting landscape significantly changes the role of the accountant – but not in the way you may think. Many are concerned that technology will eliminate jobs, while in fact, it will eliminate the most time-consuming, manual processes that prevent accountants from delivering the strategy and analysis that drew them to this profession in the first place.


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