Why every insurance agent should adopt digital signatures

Article Contributed by Steve Anderson

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I’ve always been interested in emerging technology developments. Over the course of my career working in insurance agencies, I was involved with everything from agency management systems to developing one of the first document management processes. By the end of ‘90s, my passion opened the door to starting my own business geared towards helping the insurance industry appropriately innovate with new technologies as they became available.

Just how big will sales acceleration technology get?

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Sales acceleration is an array of software tools that sits in between CRM and marketing automation. It’s not about organizing your sales efforts like CRM technology, or automating the scheduling and tracking of campaigns like marketing automation technology — it’s about making the entire sales process faster. And faster adds up to shorter sales cycles, higher close rates, and bigger deals.

The success of business process management

Article by FlowCentric

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The success of any Business Process Management initiative is as reliant on the accuracy of the mapped processes and staff buy-in, as it is on the efficiency of the elected enabling software

Aragon Research names DocuSign "Hot Vendor" in Digital Transaction Management

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DocuSign® has announced that Aragon Research has named the company to its 2014 list of Hot Vendors for Digital Transaction Management. The honor from Aragon spotlights companies with ‘hot’ products and services that feature compelling new technology that leverages cloud, content, mobile and/or video technologies.

The major causes of stock-outs

Article by the NETSTOCK Mentor

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One common reaction to a stock-out is “the Buyer did not buy enough”. Stock-outs really hurt a business and it is important to understand the cause and not merely deal with the symptoms.


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