A step-by-step approach to your business intelligence journey

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Moving from using static reports to a Business Intelligence (BI) solution is a big jump in capabilities. It's a jump that will give you new insights, and the ability to monitor and manage performance. Companies with a BI solution gain a speed to act advantage, can reduce costs and improve performance management, as they manage their business proactively.

Is your business ready for ERP?

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Most firms begin as small businesses. As time goes by, a percentage of these firms grow and some grow very large. To drive and sustain this growth, they need an effective ERP system to manage their business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV roadmap takes on big data, simple upgrades for the mid-market

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In his opening keynote at Convergence 2014, Kirill Tatarinov, Executive Vice-President of Microsoft Business Solutions proclaimed that 85% of businesses lacked the capability to harness the power of Big Data to achieve their business dreams. He promised big innovations from Microsoft to enable their customers to tap the full potential of the insights locked in their critical business systems.

Microsoft plans to go big in Africa

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Enterprise IT in 2014 will largely revolve around analytics and customer relationship management (CRM), a trend that Microsoft is meeting head-on with its new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, launched in November 2013 and rolling out now. At the recent Dynamics Africa 2014 conference, the company unpacked its CRM Strategy, and also revealed its plans for Africa and South Africa.

How to drive adoption of new technology

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Innovative technologies such as cloud and mobility have the power to transform businesses, but they won’t have any impact if your employees don’t actually use them. This article looks as the best ways to ensure everyone makes the most of your IT investments.


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