AdvanceNet Events

AdvanceNet Events

Sustaining high performance in a pressured environment

Seminar with Beverley Wajsman

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In the real world Leaders are faced with complex situations involving a variety of potential issues that do not fit neatly into boxes. Given this context, it is critical to develop the ability to think clearly, manage our attention, feel in control and act effectively when faced by the kind of pressures that arise every day, in every modern workplace.

Corporate Scandals – What to Do About Them

Seminar with Aki Kalliatakis

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It seems that one cannot open a newspaper or listen to a broadcast today without, yet another, scandal being reported.

Politicians worldwide have created a really low bar set by their lying and manipulation, but it seems that corporations, sports people, even educational institutions and religious organisations have seen this as an excuse to neglect their customers, supporters and fans.