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Sustaining high performance in a pressured environment
Mark Eating
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Sustaining high performance in a pressured environment

Seminar with Beverley Wajsman

In the real world Leaders are faced with complex situations involving a variety of potential issues that do not fit neatly into boxes. Given this context, it is critical to develop the ability to think clearly, manage our attention, feel in control and act effectively when faced by the kind of pressures that arise every day, in every modern workplace.

Our ESC-APE process enables us to reflect on the reality of the prevailing environment and consciously redirect our attention to focus on that which will drive the desired results.

Beverley Wajsman of Customer Centric Solutions (S.A. Partner: Gazing Performance Systems International)

Beverley will show you how to ESC-APE the limits, pressure can cause IF we allow it and how to use the ESC-APE model to rather use pressure to maximise our potential! 

In this seminar you will learn to:

•       Apply a practical usable approach to Performing Under Pressure and drive on- going performance improvement

•       Develop the ability to think clearly, take control and act effectively


We look forward to seeing you there!