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Corporate Scandals –  What to Do About Them
Mark Eating
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Corporate Scandals – What to Do About Them

Seminar with Aki Kalliatakis

It seems that one cannot open a newspaper or listen to a broadcast today without, yet another, scandal being reported.

Politicians worldwide have created a really low bar set by their lying and manipulation, but it seems that corporations, sports people, even educational institutions and religious organisations have seen this as an excuse to neglect their customers, supporters and fans.

Whether it’s the captain of an international cricket team cheating, a neutral and trusted organisation such as an auditing firm caught lying or hiding “secret” information, or an organisation distributing contaminated products that have literally led to deaths of people, it seems that we move from one crisis to another without pause.

Sometimes the scandal involves just one person who, in a moment of indiscretion or frustration, said something that they regret for the rest of their lives.

No doubt some PR firms, the various media, and lawyers are loving this, for their livings depend on exactly these disasters and their collective “expertise” and being used to respond to major problems. But the brand is tainted, the organisation’s reputation has been permanently tarnished, and trust has broken down.

Customers are outraged, shareholders want urgent action, employees are embarrassed, and society at large – including the various social media – explode as all stakeholders become even more cynical and distrusting.

Nevertheless, there are some practical things that leaders in these organisations can and must do to start rebuilding their brand name, and the lost faith and confidence.

The good news is that some recent scandals have been so well handled that we cannot even remember them, or they simply did not make it to the front pages in the first place.

Alternatively, the actions that followed placated everyone involved and led to an almost full recovery very soon after the event. What are these lessons for your company? What can you do to make sure that if something goes wrong that you have not been publicly shamed to your detriment?

In this seminar we will look at the lessons learned from practical examples and illustrations and list the actions and behaviours that help, as well as those that hinder and must be avoided.

We look forward to seeing you there!