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How to make your business immune in a VUCA world
Mark Eating
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How to make your business immune in a VUCA world

Seminar with Mick McCormick


We can't do this! The economy is just too volatile and uncertain. It is just too complex.

I come across many business owners who echo this sentiment. Doing business in South Africa is leaving them feeling doubtful and lethargic. This is one of the symptoms of a VUCA world.

I then pose the question: “Instead of focussing on the challenging economic environment, why don’t we rather implement a strategy that will elevate the effectiveness, professionalism and customer centricity throughout the whole organisation in order for me to take advantage of the VUCA world?”

The problem: Diagnosis and prognosis

Too often Business owners and their leaders, lose hope. This hopeless mind set percolates down through the entire organisation, until all come down with the pervasive loss of belief in positively dealing with their challenges.

Unfortunately, business owners and their leaders seldom see the value of investing and immunising their companies against a dramatically changing world. Like the serpent eating its own tail, sales and support merely mirror the macro-economy. A change of mind set is needed.

We have to find an answer to the question “How do I boost my business immunity to thrive in a VUCA world?”

The solution: Empower your staff to perform beyond their abilities.

The right stuff- “Get the right people on the bus”

Even the most technologically advanced wonder product with a marketing budget bar none will fail if you do not have the right staff in the right positions. Hunt down talent with the determination of a bull. Do not be afraid of moving people to positions better suited to their specific skill sets. Without the right puzzle pieces, it is impossible to recreate the picture on the box.

Follow the leaders

Never underestimate the importance of developing your managers’ leadership skills. Strong leadership gives your employees a sense of belonging and pride. This positive energy trickles down through the entire organism that is your company. Strong leaders become staff mentors and coaches injecting infectious enthusiasm to counteract the doubt and uncertainty that comes with operating in a VUCA world. Investing in their development is your first step to thriving in a world where others stumble.

Down to the core

Whether you are peddling pressure cookers or selling soliciting services, sales is where your revenue originates.  It just makes sense to develop your sales force into just that - a force to be reckoned with. You need to put your money where your mouth is - even the most talented and extroverted sales-person knows this.

Having a backbone

Your support staff is your company’s skeleton. Support staff enables the sales force. On the back of their work, excellent customer service is possible. As customer-facing entities, their seamless professional conduct is vital. Developing and empowering your support staff is the cherry on top of a multi-layered cake ensuring satisfied, loyal customers.

A golden thread

Developing your staff and empowering them with the specific skills needed in their area of operation is a good start to immunise your company against VUCA symptoms.