AdvanceNet Group Seminar and Event topics cover the latest technology, share best practices and introduce the latest training innovations. Attend these seminars to learn about what’s new in the latest products, update your skills or build your product expertise. All of our Seminars are free and are hosted by speakers who are highly qualified, experienced and recognised.

Alex Granger

Speaker & Author

Aki Kalliatakis

Consultant & Speaker in Customer Loyalty

Albert Gumbo

Communications and Soft Skills Consultant

Athol Reid


Beverley Wajsman

Customer Centric Solutions

Darryn van den Berg

Gamification Speaker

Graeme Butchart

Developer of Great People

Hector Patle Mathabe

The Motivator

Jacques Velleman

Business Coach and Professional Speaker

Mark Keating

Keynote Speaker & CEO, SalesGuru

Mick McCormick

Managing Director of McCormick Institute of Training

Mike Byron

Creative Director and Consultant

Nick Christellis


Paula Quinsee

Relationship Expert, Speaker, Author

Penny Bramwell-Jones

Voice Coach, Speaker

Peter Woodward

Executive Director, Apposite Technology Partners

Patrice Lasserre


Ray Patterson


Sarah Bauling