10 things CIOs must absolutely know about their software

article by Frederic Veron

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Software is becoming more and more complex, and as a result, it’s become increasingly difficult to have a true, real-time grasp of what’s actually in software portfolios. From undocumented features, to unknown security vulnerabilities to code libraries used, CIOs and their teams are making big decisions in the dark every day. And, unintentionally of course, this lack of informed decision making puts the organization at great risk.

Technology Decisions to Avoid Digital Transformation Exhaustion

article by Peter Bendor-Samuel

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Organizational exhaustion is the deadliest enemy of companies undertaking digital transformation. It may be hard to believe, but one reason this happens is that companies do a lot of work to prepare for an unknown objective. Therefore, they effectively dissipate their commitment, resources, money and energy in areas that don’t bring value. This exhaustion prevents companies from completing their digital transformation journey. Let’s look at why and how this happens, and I’ll share how to avoid it. The remedy likely will seem counter-intuitive, and it goes against all that technicians believe. But it works.

Where To Automate Your Business To Drive The Most Innovation

article by Ron Cogburn

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In business, we usually innovate to solve problems on a lesser scale, but it’s need-driven nonetheless. Evolving markets and fierce competition make it necessary to find new ways to improve existing processes, and automation can be a powerful force behind these changes. In business, necessity is the mother of innovation.

Do You Need BPMS or Workflow Management Software?

article by Elizabeth Quirk

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Processes are the foundation in which organizations run; they define how certain tasks are done, and because businesses are constantly changing, how those tasks respond to internal and external pressures.
Because processes drive activity, it is important to understand how much operational value they can provide, and how organizations can manage and improve them. Today, there are two types of software that dominate the process management market: 
workflow management and Business Process Management (BPM). 
Both enable organizations of every size, industry and vertical to become more efficient and effective.

CRM: Going Digital To Improve Customer Satisfaction

article by Virender Jeet

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One look at studies on the Internet would make it amply clear that the cost of acquiring a new customer is exponentially higher than the cost of retaining an existent one. So, when it comes to prioritizing, attracting prospects, converting and nurturing qualified sales leads, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deserve the same spot on the priority list for customer satisfaction.

What is Office Automation? (+5 Ways It Will Change Your Workplace)

article by Cristina Maria

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Automation is this year's buzzword. Wherever you look, there’s news of more activities getting the software treatment from proofreading to CRM software. Recent advances in computing have made it possible to bring automation into every corner of our work lives, and while there are disadvantages, the benefits are greater. Let’s zero in on office automation and run down a few of the key gains that come with implementing it. 


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