The Rise of Modern Systems of Agreement

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Digital transformation gave rise to modern Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement for key business and communication processes.

We are now seeing the rise of modern Systems of Agreement for automating and connecting the agreement process—allowing companies to accelerate and simplify how they do business.

Compliance Risk & the Fast-Growing Company

Article by Mark Partin

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Many startup businesses and more mature mid-sized companies are growing at a fast clip these days, and rapidly entering new global markets and geographies. While operations personnel inside these businesses are focused on maintaining this pace, the finance organization must ensure compliance with disparate and evolving accounting standards and reporting regulations across these regions.

What Robotic Process Automation really means for Accountants

Article by Mario Spanicciati

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An automated accounting landscape significantly changes the role of the accountant – but not in the way you may think. Many are concerned that technology will eliminate jobs, while in fact, it will eliminate the most time-consuming, manual processes that prevent accountants from delivering the strategy and analysis that drew them to this profession in the first place.

Protect and Secure your Data

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With the ever increasing need for companies to adhere to both local and international data security legislation which require all confidential data to be protected at all times, AdvanceNet has sourced solutions that primarily focus on protecting unstructured electronic data across multiple environments and systems.

Are you making the most of Digital Manufacturing?

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What is your manufacturing model? Is it mass production or digital manufacturing? Most manufacturers will say they're trying to move to digital manufacturing, but are they prepared to realize the full benefits of their digital strategies?

Social Media: Opportunity for Engagement or Cause for Complaint?

Article by Martin Ellingham

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Millions of people are using social media to network, sell products, to extend influence and inevitably, complain about poor service. A recent report on social media use reveals 1.59 billion people engaging with Facebook, 320 million with Twitter and over 100 million people on LinkedIn. Beyond these impressive numbers, do you really know the extent to which this activity impacts on your customer service?

11 Benefits for implementing an ERP system

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Your ERP system is a vital backbone of your business. You need a system that provides the functionality necessary to run the business, is easy and convenient for the users, and delivers a competitive advantage. The system you have in place today may not be meeting those needs or may not be able to support the growth and innovation that are part of your company’s future success


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