Reclaim your time - wipe out 90% of your manual tasks. Get the most from your Business Central experience by choosing finance automation solutions tailored to your needs.


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Business success depends on going digital

Optimise your workday with Continia's solutions. Save time and money without lifting a finger. Get an overview of all the solutions that can help you automate your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Expense Management.

Continia’s solutions are BUILT INSIDE Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, so you save time and money on the purchase and implementation costs.

Choose Continia to cut down on 90% of your manual tasks and ensure you get home on time. Speed up your processes to free up valuable time, cut labor costs and increase employee productivity.

Continia Solutions

Document Capture

Automate your entire Accounts Payable- streamline you invoice process from start to finish

Expense Management

Simplify employee expense reporting and get real-time overview of employee spending

Document output

Automate your Accounts Receivable and document distribution- send and manage your outgoing documents easily