Field Sales Management Software


Field Sales Management Software and Mobile Sales App

Built for sales managers and field sales reps.


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Skynamo (formerly known as Honeybee) is a mobile-first sales app and Field Sales Management software for businesses that do repeat selling and servicing to an existing customer base.

Built for sales managers and field sales reps, Skynamo tracks and analyses sales rep activities and provides sales history, stock, pricing, and promotion information, so reps can make smarter decisions and sell more.

All information is available offline when necessary and in real-time when available. Skynamo is compatible with IOS and Android devices 

Skynamo Features


Unlike applications that simply offer mobile access to their software, Skynamo has been developed specifically as an app for mobile devices, which means a superior experience for mobile users and access to all functionality - even offline.

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No major hardware, infrastructure or technology expertise or investment required. Get set up and going in minimal time.

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Automatically track sales activity to cut down on administrative tasks for sales reps, increase transparency, and compile valuable insights that enable smarter sales decisions.

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