Aptean Respond

Aptean Respond is a world-class case and complaint management platform that supports every role in your customer experience team.


Elevate Customer Experience

With the customer at the heart of the business, feedback and complaints play a vital role in driving product, service, and process improvements—but most businesses are still struggling to understand and act on customer feedback. Respond provides a comprehensive platform for improving customer interactions, accelerating case resolution, and generating actionable insights on how your organization can do better.

  • Increase efficiency, consistency, and compliance in complaint response
  • Track the status of open complaints in various stages of resolution
  • Get to the root cause of customer complaints, spot trends, and correct the underlying issues
  • Streamline employee training and improve compliance with a step-by-step path to follow
  • Identify and direct training to low performers, and reward and better deploy high-performing employees
  • Comply with regulatory demands through included templates, timelines, and reporting features
  • Learn from positive feedback and share wins with your front line

Improving your customers experiences

Many organisations are experiencing challenging market conditions- increased competition, a need for innovative differentiation, the expanding gap between customers' expectations and actual experiences.