Have you considered using e-Signature for your business? If not then start considering it to go paperless

article by Paula Williams - WhaTech

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The idea of a paper-free business has been around for years, but most workplaces still use a lot of paper. There are various reasons, but the main one is the fact that human beings resist change.

Top Trends for Contract Management in 2020

article by DocuSign

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Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution, and analysis. As organizations look to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency, contract management has shifted from a back-office conversation to a way of gaining competitive advantage. Contract management solutions offer a compelling opportunity to automate key processes across the contract lifecycle, capitalizing on innovations in contract generation, collaboration, e-signature, workflow, and analytics. 

4 Ways Technology Can Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

article by Caleb Bowers - DocuSign

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The most successful sales teams leverage technology to accelerate the sales process. So it makes sense that digital leaders drive 5x more revenue growth than their peers according to McKinsey. Regardless of where you are in the digital transformation journey though, every sales organization should have a strategy in place to leverage new technologies.

ERP is Your Opportunity to Be Successful in a Competitive and Challenging Business Environment

article by Robin Irvine - ERP News

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According to the most recent McKinsey Global Survey on digital transformations, more than eight in ten respondents say their organisations have undertaken such efforts in the past five years. Digital transformation provides a valuable opportunity to move away from manual processes, increase productivity and efficiency, and allow leaders to focus on more strategic initiatives.

The digital economy is becoming ordinary. Best we understand it

article by The Conversation

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The digital economy has been getting a lot of attention, with increasingly strong headlines offering apocalyptic as well as breathtakingly exciting scenarios. Some warn of job losses due to automation, some wonder at the things digital technology can do. And then there’s real scepticism about whether this will translate into delivering to people who need it most.

With all of this discussion, however, there is seldom an explanation of what the digital economy actually is. What makes it different from the traditional economy? Why we should care about it?

5 Nonprofit Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

article by Keara Dowd - BizTech Magazine

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Nonprofits have a lot on their plates. Charitable giving took a hit last year, declining for the first time since the Great Recession, forcing organizations to do more with less. But technology can often help nonprofits make ends meet, bridging the gap between the resources available and the goals they’re trying to achieve for their causes.

Three Ways Digital Transformation Is Changing How We Do Business

article by Birger Thorburn - Forbes

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In an effort to grow and lead better in the market, many businesses are turning to a customer-first model. And while customer-centricity is not a new concept, in recent times, customer experience has become a battleground where businesses can differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition. Businesses need to evolve their models using technology and data to meet the needs of tomorrow's customers.

Real-Time Data Is The Future Of Smart Manufacturing

article by Louis Columbus - Forbes

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Bottom Line: Manufacturers are achieving only 40% of their potential because they’re spending too much valuable time manually updating inventory control, production reporting, and pricing reports, when their competitors using real-time data are busy winning deals and planning next-generation real-time factories


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