5 Benefits of Mobile ERP

article by Yagmur Sahin - ERPNews

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Imagine that you can’t access your mobile phone for an hour on a busy day. Can you imagine waiting in the bank to deposit your bills, losing hours for a simple transaction? We described these situations, which we had difficulty imagining today as ordinary ten years ago. Nowadays it is almost impossible for us to survive without our phones, not only our social life but also our business life is entrusted to these devices in our pocket!

Hyperconverged: Can you feel the rush?

article by Matthew Burbidge - The Margin

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Before you adopt hyperconverged infrastructure, it could be useful to answer some questions: what kinds of workloads are you dealing with now, and can you see any room for greater efficiencies?

Top 4 Digital Transformation Trends In Media And Entertainment For 2020

article by Daniel Newman - Forbes

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Over the summer, streaming giant and industry up-ender Netflix reported its first domestic subscriber loss since 2011 and its lowest quarterly subscriber growth in three years. Within hours, its stock value tanked $17 billion in a single day. You read that right: $17 BILLION. Clearly, no one is immune from disruption and this is especially true in the media and entertainment business—even those who helped create and spur them forward.

The 7 Biggest Technology Trends To Disrupt Banking & Financial Services In 2020

article by Bernard Marr - Forbes

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Even though banking and financial services have been slower than other industries to adopt the latest technology into their operations, financial organizations are trying to catch up by incorporating artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technology to benefit their customers, remain competitive and improve business results. Here are the 7 biggest technology trends that will disrupt banking and financial services in 2020.

The Mining Industry Could Strike Gold With Automation

article by Charles Towers-Clark - Forbes

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The mining industry is facing a tough decision. A staunchly traditional industry, mining is now at a critical juncture in which it will either adopt new technologies or be left behind. The mining industry was actually one of the first industries alongside defence to adopt automation technology, but since that first step, there has not been much progress. Over the last few years, the mining industry has faced increasing environmental, social, and resource-based pressure to change the way it operates. As an indirect result of being so set in its ways, widespread automation may be the only way to bring the mining industry up to date.


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