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Digital transformation is one of the hottest topics in business today.  And for good reason... Numerous studies confirm the benefits of going digital.  In one such study, Capgemini Consulting notes that on average digital leaders are 26% more profitable, generate 9% more revenue,  and have 12% higher market valuations than their industry peers.

Aragon Research Again Highlights DocuSign as Leader in Digital Transaction Management

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Aragon Research, a leading technology analyst firm, released its latest research note highlighting DocuSign in the leader category in DTM – a market the firm notes is poised for explosive growth to $30 billion by 2020. The note – Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ For Digital Transaction Management 2015 – also mentions the tremendous value organizations are achieving by going fully digital.

E-Signatures Gain Traction in South Africa

Article by SA Franchise Warehouse

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Successful companies have a long history of leveraging technology to replace slow, complicated, manual processes to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Liz De Freitas, Account Manager at AdvanceNet says, in spite of this drive, many unfortunately still use antiquated ways to collect and use information during transactions, particularly when signatures are required.

The Best way to digitally transform your business

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So you recognise the importance of moving to a digital platform. You’re tired of the old, incumbent processes your company is currently utilising. But you’re also probably asking a number of questions: How do I start on the digital path? Where do I begin? How do I stack up against my competitors? Which is the right area to invest?

There are a number of key steps involved in ensuring a smooth transition from the old to the new ways of working, so we’ve outlined the integral points for you and your company to follow in order for you to successfully go digital effectively.

Sign of the Times

Could digital signatures spell the end of the line for paper archival companies? article by Maeson Maherry

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People, and more recently, companies, have been keeping archives for centuries. Humans and institutions need to record and preserve information, transactions, contracts and records. Paper has been the most common means of documenting and storing information, and paper archives are still in use today, much as they have been for hundreds of years. The move to digital documents and the development of electronic signatures, and the means to securely create, sign and store digital documents, is changing the landscape, however.

Digital signatures and the law

What should companies do to save costs from paper processes and increase competitiveness through faster business processes? Article by Maeson Maherry

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Digital signatures impact paper archiving, as discussed in my previous Industry Insight. South African law recognises electronic signatures, but people don't always. Individuals are resistant to change, and do not trust that an electronic signature will protect them as a handwritten one would. This problem is compounded by the fact that few people understand what a good electronic signature has to be, and how it works.


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