Controlling the process

Do you lay out the rules to your child and expect them to stick to each one without any further monitoring? No, because of that pesky little thing we call “Free will”. Besides, as your child learns and develops the rules change and so does their understanding of the rules and their willingness to follow them. You have to monitor them and remind them almost daily of the same things – Did you: brush your teeth, pack your bag, make your bed, do your homework, feed the cat, hit your brother?

In many ways the same is true for businesses and their employees. Organisations grow and change; the rules change, the methods of doing things alter and peoples understanding of things and willingness to follow the rules change.

Managing your business through its processes (AKA Business Process Management) is a fantastic way to ensure that each aspect of your business is meticulously thought through and thoroughly understood by shareholders. But how can you ensure that each of your staff will follow the appropriate methods and business rules?

For a company of 5 that is not too challenging, but for an organisation of 100 or 100 000, things can get a little tricky.

When technology really begins to show its value…

Automating business processes with BPM software such as FlowCentric Processware, will alleviate much of the pressure managers feel. Automation will free them up to focus on the more important aspects of business instead of playing prefect.

The software ensures that even the most basic business rules are followed by building the rules into the process. Effectively the process will not continue to the next stage unless each requirement of the process is met. Furthermore each step in the process, from initiation to completion, is tracked and fully auditable; this ensures that every individual is held accountable for their role in the task. Time to completion is also dramatically speeded up as the entire process is captured and sent electronically. Manual processes take time as an employee has to carry pieces of paper from pillar to post in order to receive signoff, follow up and so on. There is always the risk that documentation can go missing or be rendered illegible, unlike the tracked information of a FlowCentric built process. Employees easily follow informative process screens and can make use of prepopulated information and lookups to further speed up the data entry process.

With BPM your processes will be clearly documented and carefully thought through. With FlowCentric Processware your BPM initiatives will be organised and effectively implemented. Make your business processes work for you. Take control today!

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