How to Squeeze Savings from the Most Fragmented 20% of Spend

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You work hard to manage your core areas of spend because that’s where the numbers are largest and savings are more quickly won. But are you taking advantage of the savings that can easily be squeezed from the tail-end of your spend? Tail-spend is often overlooked, but typically accounts for 80% of the supplier base and invoice volume. By proactively addressing this area, Procurement and Finance can deliver significant cost savings and efficiency gains.

How your organisation can overcome the common Pitfalls in Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation Projects

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One of the crucial contributing factors in the overall success or failure of BI platforms achieving their desired objectives is ensuring a successful and well managed implementation. A recent survey by the National Computing Centre showed that nearly a quarter of all BI projects intended to improve management decision making and improve performance are going over estimated budgets and timeframes. Organizations have often been guilty of jumping into traditional BI implementations before fully considering alternative approaches that can be more cost effective and less time consuming.

IT trends for 2014 that every CIO should consider

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As chief information officers put the finishing touches on their departments’ annual budget plans, they should take a little time to double check that they are preparing their operations for all that the new year is going to throw at them.

Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology trends for 2014

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Gartner just concluded its Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013 in Orlando, gathering tens of thousands of IT executives. Among the most anticipated aspects of the gathering are the ruminations from the Gartner pontificators regarding IT trends. Among several trends shared were the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014.

How do Electronic Signatures work?

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If you run a start-up or any business for that matter, you will have come across the frustration of having contracts that both parties need to sign and having to fax them back, or send the printed and signed documents by return post.

Five Tips for a Successful Accounts Payable Workflow Implementation

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Automating your Accounts Payable (AP) processes such as invoice approval, purchase order matching, and requisitions by implementing a workflow solution is no small undertaking. While a well-executed workflow implementation can be accomplished in just a few weeks, implementations more commonly become bogged down for weeks, months, or even years by complications in the process itself. Luckily, with a little foresight and a few common sense tips, many of these curveballs that derail a project can be avoided.


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