Enterprise Document Management

AdvanceDocs eDMS is ideal for creating “DIGITAL FILING CABINETS” of scanned copies of paper e.g correspondence, policy files, legislations, debtors, creditors documents, HR records, licenses and permits, legal documents etc. Once indexed according to your requirements, these paper documents can be easily searched for and viewed on your computer, saving incredible amounts of time. Reduce service delivery delays, prevent fraud, avoid lost documents and save printing costs. AdvanceDocs eDMS removes the risks and costs arising from lost documents.


AdvanceDocs eDMS:

  • Improves staff productivity and morale by giving everyone fast access to the documents they need.
  • Provides better service delivery.
  • Easy control of documentation.
  • Ensures the management and process of legal documents.
  • Accurate filing of correspondance.
  • Management development plans.
  • Controls permissions to maintain document security.
  • Helps comply with legal requirements including the ECT Act, King IlI, FICA, Labour Act, PFMA, MFA and other regulations concerning the secure archival of documents.