Expertly automated and managed business processes dramatically reduce the likelihood of bottlenecks, task replication, excessive or illegal expenditures, thereby enforcing business rules, compliance and sound corporate governance. AdvanceFlow has been designed to facilitate the Automation of Business Processes by combining the power of IT with an in-depth understanding of business.

AdvanceFlow allows organisations to streamline their operations by automating, executing, and monitoring business processes from beginning to end. Integrated analytics enable increased visibility by providing managers with extensive reports on key business operations and process execution.

Process applications built with AdvanceFlow tend to overcome the limitations of traditional enterprise systems by integrating with existing applications, pulling relevant data, and connecting the appropriate people. AdvanceFlow connects people with their systems and processes via a single user interface, which is so easy to use that all staff members can accurately follow the steps to ensure business runs smoothly.

The AdvanceFlow BPMS, AdvanceFlow , allows an organisation to actively manage its processes from beginning to end, improving them along the way. AdvanceFlow provides the functionality and infrastructure needed to support complex, collaborative processes, which extend throughout the enterprise, as well as across the value chain.

SunFlow for Infor SunSystems

Avoid stocky situations! Ensure all  staff adhere to the rules set by the business.


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NavFlow for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Big or small, treat every process within your organisation as an opportunity.


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OneFlow for SAP Business One

Rapidly build custom business applications for the mobile platform


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