for SAP Business One

For every process ask yourself " Is this action really important to our organisation or are there better ways to spend our time?"

Harness your unique business practices with Oneflow Processware


It is essential that organisations are able to effectively manage and improve their business processes, while also having the ability to develop and introduce new ones.

OneFlow Processware enables organisatons to create digital business process management applications that are uniquely designed to support their strategic objectives. The powerful platform connects data, systems, processes and policies with people and their devices by means of a user friendly interface. The result is synchronised data, standardised processes and streamlined operations. 

Operational Processes that benefit from Automation

- Annual performance reviews

- Employee on-boarding and off-boarding

- Leave Requests

- Succession Planning

- Training

- Product Management

- Sales Account Provisioning

- Sales order Processing

- Hardware and Software Provisioning

- Hardware maintenance and upgrades

- IT Help desk service requests

- SharePoint site collection management

- User account provisioning

- Bank Loan approvals

- Facilities Management

- Field data gathering

- New Product Development

- Permit and License Management

- Procurement and work order approvals

-Project Management

-Purchase Orders

- Supplier and contract management

- Accounts Receivable/ Payable

- Bank Account Management

- Expense Approvals

- Governance and compliance

-Grant Management

- Include Spend

-Invoice processing

- Legal documentation and processing

- Loan Approvals

- Pre-Trade clearance

- Tender Management