Fast, Flexible BI and Reporting Solutions, inside of Excel

Jet Reports empowers business users with the data they need, when they need it, in the format that works best for them. 

Jet Reports is an easy-to-use suite of Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions targeted to the needs of Microsoft Dynamics Customers.

Jet Express

Jet Express is a free, self-service reporting solution from Jet Reports that allows business users to create high impact reports in minutes, inside an application you already know – Excel. With no advanced programming skills you can pull data directly into Excel from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics GP database.

Get Maximised reporting speed, power and flexibility

Using Jet Express, you can select the fields you want from any of the tables or views in your database and build reports quickly using a simple interface inside Excel. Take advantage of Excel’s tremendous capabilities to add charts, Pivot Tables, and custom formatting to build stunning reports

Download dozens of pre-built Excel reports

Crave instant gratification? You can download dozens of Jet Express reports to get started right away. These reports provide insight into sales, finance, A/P, A/R, inventory and more. Jet Reports provides a refreshing approach to reporting for Microsoft Dynamics.

Jet Essentials

Jet Essentials is a real-time reporting solution for people who know Excel. It is perfect for advanced reporting and group collaboration.

Connect to all your business systems from inside Excel

With Jet Essentials you don’t need to copy and paste business data into Excel so you can:

  • Gain complete visibility and access information from multiple business systems
  • Automatically pull the data in to create the reports you need
  • Eliminate errors and refresh data at the click of a button

Save time and enhance productivity

Jet Essentials gives your group the power to create, collaborate and share reports all within Excel:

  • Connect real time to your data
  • Schedule reports for automatic distribution and use proactive alerts
  • Drill down to see underlying data and never search for a document again

Jet Enterprise

Jet Enterprise is a complete Business Intelligence and Reporting solution that provides the answers to your mission critical questions inside an application that you already know – Excel. With little or no training you can quickly analyse issues from many different perspectives to discover trends in your business.

With Jet Enterprise your business gets fact-based decision support and knowledge from the wealth of information in your Microsoft Dynamics and other database systems. Every part of your organization has the information and reporting they need. Unlike other BI and Reporting solutions, Jet Enterprise expands on your existing investment in the Microsoft productivity platform you already own. 

Self service

Your users already have the skills to be successful with Jet Enterprise. This allows business person-to-business person collaboration without the need for a highly skilled technical resource to be in the middle of your business analysis conversations. The intuitive drag-and-drop data manager easily adds tables or data fields to the cubes to access the data warehouse, making it simple to modify the Jet Cubes in a meaningful way and manipulate data to see the information you want.

Quick ROI

Jet Enterprise can be implemented in just hours, so you gain valuable insight into your business almost immediately. There is no need for expensive technical resources to maintain or modify your BI tool and there is no load on your ERP system.

Just one solution

With Jet Enterprise you get Business Intelligence and Reporting in one solution that can quickly meet all your business information needs. Do strategic or ad-hoc analysis quickly. Schedule reports for automatic updates and distribution on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.