The AdvanceKidz initiative was started in 2006 and is designed to assist all employees earning less than a specified amount. They have the opportunity for their children to receive education at a better level. Read More


AdvanceKhaya is a social upliftment programme designed to improve the quality of life of all unskilled and semi-skilled staff employed by the Company. Read More
 Year End Charity Initiative  

Year End Charity Initiative

In 1999 the Company embarked on its first annual year-end charity initiative, a programme which incorporates a marketing drive with a number of charities. Read More

Learners License

Every employee, irrespective of their position within the Company, is given the opportunity to obtain their driver’s license though the Company. Read More

My School

AdvanceNet is a proud supporter of the MySchool Programme, South Africa’s foremost fund raising initiative for schools. Every new employee is given a MySchool card when they join the Company. Read More