The AdvanceKidz initiative was started in 2006 and is designed to assist all employees earning less than a specified amount. They have the opportunity for their children to receive education at a better level and with better facilities where their remuneration is insufficient to provide this elevated level.

The initiative is currently paying all the costs for 18 children from the ages of 1 year to 17 years to attend pre nursery, nursery, junior and senior schools in areas that they live, as in the case of outside of Gauteng, or in the Rivonia, Sunninghill area if they live with their parents in the surrounding area.

The company pays all the education costs directly to the education institution, including extra mural activities and meals and is negotiated directly between the company and the education provider.

A limited amount of clothing is provided and all children are supplied with a new satchel at the beginning of each year.

Most of the children come to our offices every day with their parents and are then bussed to the respective schools either by AdvanceNet transport or by the service provided by the school.

Substantial acceleration of the learning process is being reported in every single case and many children who would otherwise be limited to the facilities available in the poorer townships are given the opportunity to progress far beyond what could otherwise be made available to them by their parents.

Children who would otherwise be left with a day care facility are able to get into the education stream from as early as 1 year of age.

The scheme has put the company at the forefront of social responsibility initiatives in South Africa.